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Automotive Technologies of Australia Pty. Ltd. supplies quality parts to assist the owners of vehicles of North American origin in maintaining or restoring their vehicles. We specialise in body rubberware; emblems; lenses; service literature; mechanical and electrical parts too. Our focus is mostly on (but not limited to) General Motors vehicles built from 1949 onwards.

The need for such items was identified after the firm's founder, Leigh Grigg experienced difficulty in obtaining quality parts from either Australia or USA while restoring one of his Chevrolets in the early 1980's. This led Leigh to investigate the best quality products available after dissatisfaction with much of what was supplied by some restoration parts suppliers at that time.

Arnold Millane, the present owner and manager bought into the business in 2004. Arnold has many years practical experience in restoring cars too, presently working on a mid 50's Chevrolet. Arnold has over 30 years experience in the automotive parts industry, over 20 of which he has specialized in parts for American cars and trucks, so he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help clients with their projects.

Let Automotive Technologies be of service to you and experience the benefit of their quality parts and caring service.